Raspy Ray Birthday Party ~ Catered by Irukandji

Raspy Ray Birthday Party ~ Catered by Irukandji
From AUD $18.00
  • Duration: 180 Minutes (approx.)
Loads of fun including your own private tour and the catering package! This group discount saves $9.50 off adult Shark Encounters and $7.50 of Child Shark Encounters

Please visit https://sharkencounters.com.au/experience/birthday-parties/ for info on all the available options! Also find an awesome customisable party invitation to use for the birthday girl/boy. 

The Party Balcony must be pre-booked to reserve the spot ($50) this is only a deposit and will come out of the total paid on the day. The Balcony in non-refundable if the party is canceled as it could have been saved for another group. 

No Balloons Please ~ They are just as dangerous for our animals as they are for the ocean.