Little Ray Cuddle $50 packaged with Entry Pass (All Ages)

From AUD $88.00
  • Duration: 140 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Anna Bay, NSW

Little Ray Cuddle packaged with Entry Pass (All ages) 

NOTE- If you are looking for a different Entry Pass, Snorkel or Encounter please go to that product as they have special times and availabilities 

Inclusions for this Little Ray Cuddle Package:

Admission to the aquarium, entry into the lagoon shallows, shark food, interaction with the animals (petting/feeding), interesting and informative animal talks and staff on hand for personalised attention. Wear & Keep Souvenir Socks,  Wetsuit Hire, private access into the shallows of Fingill Lagoon (not swimming) for the Ray Cuddle Experience, interaction with the animals (patting/feeding), personal attention from the staff & interesting information on the animals.


  • This experience is suitable for all ages
  • Children under 12 require an adult also holding a Little Ray Cuddle Pass. For multiple children one adult can supervise 1.5 children (ie. 1 adult for 1 child, 2 adults for 2 or 3 children).
  • Infants do not need a ticket to join with an adult with a ticket however they will need to purchase a pair of socks to be in the encounter, this can be done on the day. The adult must be exclusively supervising the infant on their lap.
  • This experience takes approximately 20 minutes
  • This experience is at set times
  • Allow approximately 2 hours for Shallows Encounter

This intimate encounter is the ultimate experience for stingray lovers! These affectionate and friendly animals just love coming up for a cuddle on guests' laps and indulging in pats and attention.
You will get a 20 minute experience in a small private group with a number of different ray species. During your encounter you will learn lots about them and enjoy getting to know their sweet, playful personalities.

Book ahead to avoid disappointment as there is only 6 positions.

About Irukandji

Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters is an incredible interactive aquarium like no other. Visitors can enjoy our sandy beaches surrounded by many curious, friendly sharks & rays whilst staying (mostly) dry - only getting feet/legs wet. Physically stepping into the shallows of the lagoons with them or opting for the very Aussie wetsuit brings a whole new level of excitement and fear, the animals display their endearing personalities & steal the hearts of visitors they meet. Visitors quickly develop a passion and stewardship, making for a life-long love and understanding of these misunderstood species and the ocean ecosystem. 

Irukandji Activities & Levels of Entry 

  • Stay completely dry and view them all from the edges of the lagoon (Included in Entry Pass)
  • Touch, pet, feed & meet the animals (Included in Entry Pass) 
  • Paddling in the shallows of the lagoon in bare feet in your own clothes (your clothes must not get wet so shorts or skirts recommended) surrounded by the friendly animals (Included in Entry Pass) 
  • Access to hourly educational talks by our knowledgeable fish keepers
  • Upgrade to socks ($) Wear & Keep souvenir socks are great option to wear for anybody feeling nervous if the animals are curious about toes. Wearing socks in the water is safe for the animals and creates a camouflage plus they are a great souvenir to keep and wear as normal socks. Socks are included FOC in all snorkels and encounters so please do not purchase them twice. 
  • Learning about the animals on a guided tour available for large groups otherwise be sure to stop in and chat to the guides as not only do they have the food for the animals they love talking about them and the important ocean systems
  • Upgrade to Wetsuit ($) This is the cheapest way to completely immerse yourself with the animals wading up to your neck in both lagoons or relaxing seated on the sandy beach with them swimming around and on your lap. This incredible experience includes entry into the deeper wading section of the lagoons and the hire of the wetsuit for that Aussie surfer experience. Wetsuits range from baby sizes to Mens 7XL and are included FOC for infants. Irukandji's in house wetsuits must be worn and they are your visual ticket into deeper lagoon, wetsuits are included FOC in all snorkels and encounters so please do not purchase them twice. 
  • Upgrade to a Snorkel ($) The Ultimate wet experience, swimming with the animals of your chosen species in a wild thrilling adventure. These special Snorkels happen only at certain times in the day for a max of 10pax so please plan ahead. 
  • Upgrade to an Encounter ($) Some of our hands down favourite experiences can be found in the private encounters, with only a couple of sessions a day and a maximum of 6pax they are very much sought after. See  each encounter for further info
  • Hot showers and taking shark selfies
  • Annual Passes ($) available that pay for themselves after the 2nd visit and include wetsuits every time, as many times as you like for a year. They also include discounts on some of the other activities once purchased. 

Preparation/What to bring to Irukandji

What to bring: Hats, REEF-FRIENDLY sunscreen, cameras (underwater cameras are great!), clothes (t-shirts & shorts or skirts that can stay dry in the shallows, Only bring swimwear or spare underwear for those choosing the wetsuit option and for all encounters and snorkels. Your own prescription mask set- note though we do allow it you will need to allow extra time before your experience for us to clean/soak your snorkel in solution to ensure it is free from any nasties. 

What NOT to bring: Swimwear or rashie/clothes to swim in without a wetsuit (staying dry clothing or wetsuit must be worn in lagoons, not swimwear alone), non-reef friendly sunscreen, your own wetsuits or water shoes- because they could introduce toxins to our lagoons and we limit the items going in, especially neoprene which can harbour marine life from the ocean and cannot be cleaned in a hurry. 

Irukandji Terms & Conditions: 

See your trade kit for agent specific T&Cs or the Irukandji website: for general T&C of entry

When to visit Irukandji 

Our aquarium is very popular and in busy times can book our for an entire day, forward booking are definitely needed on weekends and school holidays so you don't miss out. Sessions run all day from 9am-5pm. Last arrival by 3.40pm for the full experience. All Encounters and Snorkels have set times so please arrive on or before your booked time, Entry Passes are more flexible and it shouldn't matter to much if you are running late or want to come early