Reef Shark Encounter & Feed $80 packaged with Entry Pass (ages 12+)

From AUD $80.00
  • Duration: 160 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Anna Bay, NSW

Note: This activity is for visitors aged 12 and above

This adventure includes the famous shallows encounter (entry ticket must also be purchased) wading into the sand beaches of the lagoons whilst feeding the animals PLUS it includes wetsuit hire PLUS a pair of wear and keep souvenir socks PLUS a complete guided 20 minute  private session with the reef sharks and admission into Irukandji! 

First enjoy the included Shallows Encounter in wetsuits which is the perfect opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the water of the sandy beaches surrounded by many curious friendly Sharks & Rays. Stepping into the water with the them brings a whole new level of excitement and fear, the animals display their endearing personalities & steal the hearts of the visitors they meet. 

Then it's time to feed the biggest sharks! Join a private tour to interact with the incredible tawny nurse and whitetip reef sharks while the keepers feed them!  There will be many brilliant private photo opportunities which the staff are happy to help with. The ultimate chance to get up close and personal with our largest sharks (biggest being 3.2m). Participants must be 12 years old and over. 

Souvenir socks, wetsuit hire, shark food & feeding sticks are included. Swimwear is best to wear underneath however underwear is also suitable. Wetsuit hire is normally $10, wear & keep souvenir socks to wear in the water are normally $5, both are included in this experience. Visitors are now welcome to enter the lagoons with bare feet if preferred, the sharks may be curious about toes so wearing the socks is recommended for anybody feeling nervous. Wearing socks in the water is safe for the animals and creates a camouflage for visitors pink toes that can look similar to squid. 

Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters is an interactive aquarium where you will get the chance to feed and pet a variety of species of sharks and rays. Your Entry Pass includes walking around the aquarium from the edges of the lagoon, wading into the shallows of the lagoon, food for our sharks and rays and educational talks by our knowledgeable fish keepers. 

Book ahead to avoid disappointment, as a personal interactive experience we only allow a certain number of visitors at any given time, we are very popular and in busy times can book our for an entire day so don't miss out. 

Inclusions: Admission, shark food, wear and keep socks, wetsuit hire, entry into the shallows of the lagoons (no swimming), interaction with the animals (petting/feeding), private entry into a lagoon with the tawny nurse sharks, personal attention from the staff & interesting animal talks

What to bring: Swimmers, towels hats, sunscreen if it is reef friendly, cameras (underwater are permitted) 

What not to bring:  Non reef friendly suncreams, your own wetsuit (as it could harbour marine-life from the ocean)