Temporary Social/Community Group Discount

Temporary Social/Community Group Discount
From AUD $18.00
  • Duration: 100 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Anna Bay, NSW
Loads of fun and great savings! This group discount saves $7.50 off adult shallows encounter and $8.50 off the adult shark encounter.

Minimum of 13 people over 2yr old to receive the discount. The group discount must be pre-booked 1 week in advance to reserve the spot ($50) this is only a deposit and will come out of the total paid on the day. 

Please note- Due to COVID-19 restrictions all social groups/parties must be self catered and held in the outdoor seating area. Guests are welcome to bring their own food, cake, picnic blankets, utensils etc for setup. Unfortunately, there will be no access to electricity. Please be mindful and limit use of disposable plastic and balloons since it is extremely harmful for our Ocean.